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  • Evelina Vrabie

    Evelina Vrabie

    Technical founder excited to develop products that improve peoples’ lives. My best trait is curiosity. I can sky-dive and be afraid of heights at the same time.

  • Carl Pullein

    Carl Pullein

    I help people learn to manage their lives and time better so they can experience joy and build a life they are truly proud of. www.carlpullein.com

  • Dr. Tom Frieden

    Dr. Tom Frieden

    President and CEO, Resolve to Save Lives | Former CDC Director and NYC Health Commissioner | Focused on saving lives. twitter.com/drtomfrieden

  • Dr Stuart Woolley

    Dr Stuart Woolley

    Worries about the future. Way too involved with software. Likes coffee, maths, and . Would prefer to be in academia. SpaceX, Twitter, and Overwatch fan.

  • Max Wesener

    Max Wesener

    🚀Systematizing the processes you need to build an exciting and meaningful life — without falling into ruts or losing motivation. www.instagram.com/maxwesener_

  • Peter Burns

    Peter Burns

    A curious polymath who wants to know how everything works. Blog: Renaissance Man Journal (http://gainweightjournal.com/).

  • Paco Cantero

    Paco Cantero

    Productivity Top Writer on Medium | +30 years in PKM | I help overwhelmed knowledge workers to set up simple PKMs to improve their lives https://bit.ly/3rrzeV3

  • Buket Tilki

    Buket Tilki

    Practicing human being. IG: kucukoda, buketilki@gmail.com

  • Kyle Ratcliff

    Kyle Ratcliff

    cishet honky struggling to overcome a lifetime of capitalist indoctrination. i like mults and bench hooks. he/him

  • John Vyhlidal

    John Vyhlidal

    Working hard to be: 💛 kind & 🛠 useful.

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