While we may disagree about vaccines and mandates, we still have science to separate fact from fiction and friends to love

Thank goodness the vast majority of our medical profession ignore the mainstream media, the rightwing rags, the leftist loons, the hype, the memes and the magical thinking of the small group who have stolen the term ‘wellness’.

Thank goodness they make measurements and collect data.

Thank goodness there are people…

Procrastination busters I learned from a senior executive

Many of my coaching clients procrastinate completing important written work — despite being senior executives accomplished in their field.

Usually, they know what to do about it but have forgotten they know.

This week a senior executive (an SES officer in the Australia Public Service) asked me for ideas on…

Know when to hold them, know when to fold them

Sometimes quitting is the right course of action.

Sometimes the best move is to retract a promise.

I am retracting my promise to write 100 articles for my 100 Days 100 Ways Being Visible project.

I don’t do this lightly or without reflection. Retracting a promise or withdrawing one’s word…

Ian Higginbottom

I help executives and entrepreneurs get results on-time and to-standard, with care for their people. I help leaders do the important things they tend to avoid.

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